The study and implementation of projects concerns both new and existing buildings.

The company’s long experience in construction, combined with its comprehensive knowledge of innovative materials and building expertise, ensures the proper design outcome.

The study teams are coordinated and supervised by experienced company staff, who are also in charge of worksite management. This ensures the accurate implementation of the construction process until the project is completed.

A detailed project budget is presented along with the project execution timetable.

The company provides the following services:

Comprehensive Project Study

The objective is the execution of a comprehensive study for a given construction project.

In collaboration with the client, we provide the best solution, based on the client’s needs and requirements, which determine the design. All the urban planning studies necessary for obtaining a building permit are completed, as well as the detailed budget and the project timetable.

Aesthetic Refurbishment Study

The aesthetic refurbishment study concerns the comprehensive restoration/renovation of building exteriors, as well as the partial interior refurbishment of individual properties.

After all the required urban planning and building permit documents are obtained, architects, civil and mechanical engineers perform on-site inspections of the building. Meetings are held with the client in order to perceive their requirements, which form the basis for the planning and design. Once the study is completed, the project’s detailed budget and execution timetable are presented. A small scale works or building permit is obtained, depending on the type and scale of the project.

Energy Upgrade Study

After all the necessary urban planning and building permit documents are obtained, energy inspectors perform an on-site inspection of the property and classify it in the appropriate energy category; they also record all the points requiring energy upgrades.

Based on the data and findings of the inspection, the following are drawn up: a study on the type of interventions to be implemented, a detailed budget and an execution timetable for the project.

Building Reinforcement – Renovation