Recent developments in planning applications and materials, combined with legislative requirements for environmental protection and the reduction of building energy needs, have rendered the energy and environment sector of primary importance.
The implementation of such investments offers a double benefit, it improves perceptibly living conditions inside the properties, while reduces their energy requirements. Buildings acquire a higher value through the energy efficiency certificate based on their energy classification.

The company provides the following services:

Real Estate Energy Efficiency Certification

After all the required urban planning and building permit documents are obtained, an energy inspector performs an on-site inspection. All data collected are recorded using specialized equipment, and the results are entered into specialized software, which issues the Energy Efficiency Certificate.

The certificate is valid for 10 years and it includes cost-estimated recommendations for energy upgrades to the building.

Building Energy Upgrade

After all the necessary urban planning and building permit documents are obtained, energy inspectors perform two inspections:

  • The initial inspection, to classify the building in an energy efficiency category; and
  • the final inspection, after energy upgrade works have been completed, to record the new energy classification.

Based on the data from the first inspection, the following documents are drawn up:

  • a study of the type and number of interventions required;
  • a detailed budget of works and timetable of project execution.

The execution of the project follows the completion of the study.