Existing properties newly built or old, require maintenance and restoration work depending on the time since construction, location and use.

Our technical support & property maintenance service provides the property owners with information about the actual state of their property in detail. All existing damages are recorded along with a detailed implementation repair and maintenance plan.

The company provides the following services:

Property Technical Support

The company inspects and keeps records of the state of the property. The frequency and number of inspections depends on the size and type of the property.

To keep record, detailed tables are compiled per inspection category, where the findings of the inspections are noted. When complete, a detailed report is presented to the owner together with the required-recommended repairs and maintenance works.

This method ensures the timely maintenance and restoration of problems-damages that, if not identified on time, could eventually burden the owner with expensive repairs.

Property Maintenance

This service involves the execution of technical maintenance works, based on the findings of the property technical support service, or independently.

The required works to restore the proper operation of the property are identified and cost-estimated while a detailed budget and execution timetable is delivered to the client.

Property maintenance is always executed based on a “Maintenance Record” that is kept.